A retirement expert shares a troubling vision of the future

Retirement Hell

Byproduct of a Middle Class under Siege

Don Pollock CPA


What is Retirement Hell?

It is that phase of life when retired individuals lack the money to maintain a dignified lifestyle and must rely on government assistance to pay their bills. It will include many hard-working families that were able to maintain a satisfactory lifestyle during their working years, but due to a lack of savings and pension income, they are unable to fund a retirement that may last over thirty years. If government pensions are your primary source of income, it will be a challenge to enjoy retirement while living in poverty.

A lack of money not only destroys the dreams and plans that had been formulated through our working life, but it also creates a world that is often without hope. A bad situation can become worse when our health starts to decline and we can no longer live at home. There will be too few retirement beds, personal care workers and health care professionals. For many individuals, this is their future and it is unclear at what point in time they will make this discovery. A lack of financial independence during the final phase of your life is retirement hell.

Don’s book Retirement Hell – Byproduct of a Middle Class under Siege examines why this situation has arisen and what can be done to avoid such a dreadful final phase of life.

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